Customer Comments about Trading Systems

I feel comfortable with the way you trade.Your system really stands out from all the others at c2.No huge risks.

Dimitri Yiannos about Topaz

Your system is really performing well on C2!  Did you find some special magic that is still working?  Your a really smart (yet down to earth) guy! Keep it up!

C2 Customer

I’ve read some of your articles over the years including „Creating Your Own Trading System“. It seems your practicing what you preach. The published C2 results for your systems are truly remarkable.

C2 Customer

I’ve looked at quite a few trading systems, I have to say your system has a very impressive earning history.

C2 Customer

I have followed your work for quite some time and your C2 systems more recently. I find your work very interesting and think my readers could benefit from hearing your thoughts on trading and trading systems.

C2 Customer

just wanted to say how delighted I am with the system so far. Only been using it for a week or so, but I’ve made consistently good money and with little risk. Thanks so much.

C2 Subscriber N.W.

Nice recovery, Dr. Koch. Being down 0.9% in this month is quite an accomplishment for a dip buyer long only system.

C2 User Financial Scientist