finantic.WLC2 a Broker Adapter for WealthLab7 and Collective2

finantic.WLC2 is a broker adapter for WealthLab7 and Collective2.

The finantic.WLC2 Extension allows you to publish aour WL7 startegies’ trading signals to Collective2. To use the interface, you must obtain an API Key from Collective2 (Deatiuls see below) and a ssociate a Collective2 System ID with finantic.WLC2 or your WealthLab7 strategy (Details see below).

You can establish associations with any number of Collective2 Systems. Whenever an associated strategy generates signals, you can Place the signals in the WealthLab Order Manager to publish them on Collective2.


Automatic position synchronization between WealtLab7 Strategies and the conneted strategy on Collective2

Realtime Updates of Order Status

semi automatic Equity Sync

conditional orders

check exit orders for existing positions

adjust Exit Orders to existing positions

Getting Started

Follow the instructions in the Collective2 API Documentation to optain your personal API Key. WLC2 works with a World API Key.

In WealthLab 7 open the order Manager:

Select the Broker “finantic.WLC2” and klick the “Configure…” Button.

This will open the finantic.WLC2 Settings Dialog:

Enter your personal C2 API Key here.

Also enter the C2 System ID. You’ll find this ID in the URLin your browsers adress bar if you view your C2 System:

WLC2 Settings

In this section all Settings of the finantic.WLC2 broker adapter are described.

Adjust Sell Orders

Checkbox: Adjust order size of a sell order to an existing position’s size.


The Collective2 system Id. Shown in the URL of your C2 System. this can be overriden with an entry “C2SystemID=NNN” in the startegie’s description.

Sync. Positions

Checkbox: WLC2 synchronizes positions between WL7 and C2 by generating extra orders.

Sync. Equity

Checkbox: Show a message if equity diverges too much between WL7 and C2 simulated accounts. This can be overridden in strategy code by wlc2tag.qc2info.synchronizeEquity

Equity Tolerance

Accepted Equity Mismatch in Percent. This is used by the Sync.Equity feature.

C2 API Key

The C2 API Key. See C2 API Documentation for details. WLC2 works with a World API Key.

Symbol Type

The default symbol type used in orders if not specified otherwise.

Strategy Settings

Various settings of finantic.WLC2 may be overriden from a coded startegy.

bool? qc2info.synchronizeEquity

if set overrides the Sync.Equity setting.

bool? qc2info.synchronizePositions

if set overrides the Sync.Positions setting.

Conditional Orders

You may set qc2tag.conditionalUpon to the WLC2Tag of another transaction to make the transaction conditional upon another transaction.

Supported Order Types

WL Order TypeCollective2 Order TypeDescription
Buy @ LimitBuyToOpen @ Limit
Buy @ MarketBuyToOpen @ Market
Buy @ StopBuyToOpen @ Stop
Sell @ LimitSellToClose @ Limitcheck if Position exists and adjust quantity
Sell @ MarketSellToClose @ Marketcheck if Position exists and adjust quantity
Short @ LimitSellToOpen @Limit
Short @ marketSellToOpen @ Market
Cover @ LimitBuyToClose @ Limit
Cover @ marketBuyToClose @ Market

Technical Details

All Orders are sent to Collective2 with a duration of “Day”.

If an order is already sent the same day it is not sent again.

Signal Status

WL’s Order manager reports the signal status of a Collective2 order in realtime.

WL StatusC2 Status
Stagedinternal: Signals shows in SignalHub, not sent to Broker API
PlacedC2 reports C2SignalStatus.Posted
ActiveC2 reports C2SignalStatus.Working
FilledC2 reports C2SignalStatus.Traded, t.FillQty = t.Quantity
PartialFilledC2 reports C2SignalStatus.Traded, t.FillQty < t.Quantity
CancelPendingCancel Message sent to Collective2
CanceledC2 reports C2SignalStatus.Canceled
CanceledC2 reports C2SignalStatus.Expired
ErrorException from Cancel Signal
Error Exception from Submit Signal
ErrorUnknown OrderTypes (MarketClose, Stop)
WaitForClose(used internally when a MarketClose order is placed)
Published(used internally, Submit Signal returned successfully)